Video Production
What we did

Crisp isn't just any other delivery service. It is the delivery service for fresh produce, providing the tastiest and healthiest that earth has to offer.

Drawing inspiration from the sheer wonder with which children see the world, Crisp seeks to spark the same excitement for fresh groceries in the same way, kids see a butterfly or a bug. Their sense of inexhaustible amazement was the starting point for the new Crisp campaign. They asked us, to create something that sounds inviting and approachable, mirroring representing Crisp's mission: The freshest ingredients for an affordable price.

The smallest things create the widest eyes. To properly bring the feeling of insatiable desire of the new into sound, we decided to create something that emphasises a kid's adventurous spirit and unbridled curiosity while still relating it to the freshness of the produce. For that, we decided to make use of mostly electronic instruments, creating rich & warm soundscapes throughout the fragmented sequences that goes along with the spectrum of sensations in these fresh fruits.