Mentos X FANTA

Boomerang Agency
Steven Kuijs
Melanie Brouwer
What We Did
Music Supervision, Music Production, Sound Design, Mix

Gen Z is notorious for having the attention span of a goldfish. Getting them to listen is therefor an art in itself. To achieve this, the team up between Mentos and Fanta approached Gen Z by directly including them as direct contributors in their campaign. For this purpose, matching branded interactive stories, filters and GIFs with a sound that resonates with Gen Z was crucial. Discarding of slick video production, this campaign was shot with a smartphone and focussed on user generated content - directly including its very target audience, creating organically high conversion.

To really relate to Gen Z and get their attention, we had to create something catchy and recognisable. To hit the sweet spot juuust right, we dove deep into their music preferences and habits. We created five demos in their favourite genres and ran it by a test group. With an overwhelming match, they clearly showed us which way to go. The result is an energetic blend of house and reggaeton and has proven to be just as fresh as a mix of Mentos and Fanta Orange.