We create sounds that resonate with your brand or film.

The People

Soundsright's main composers/producers are Mari Koning, Joshua Petit, and Jelle Hoebee. Working directly with brands, creatives and artists, we know how to create music to your ears.

We’re keen on flexible collaboration: whether we’re brainstorming while having a cup of coffee or making some last minute adjustments over the phone. We make project handling easy.


The Work

Although we master a large skillset, we often welcome talented musicians, producers, vocalists and singer-songwriters for that special touch.

Whether it's an accidental hit song, sonic storytelling, an impactful voice-over or a crystal clear mix, we always deliver at full blast. Basically, you’ll always receive the expertise that will take your project to the next level.

The studio

Our 4 production studios in Amsterdam North are fully equipped for creating all of your audio needs.

While the studios feel warm and homey, they’re armed to meet new generation standards. Working with modern tools and the utmost essentials we’re able to provide a swift and efficient workflow.

Everything for the ears. Check out our services.