Denim - Goede zonnepanelen zijn saai

Denim Solar
This Agency AMS
Creative Directors
Ingmar Larsen & Mark Goede
Agency Producer
Rachel Zheng
Holy Fools
Andre Maat
What we did
Music, Sound Design, Voice Over & Mix

Sometimes in advertising, you simply have to say things how they are. Some products are more exciting than others. Solar panels are not very exciting. But that does not mean at all that advertising for boring products must in itself also be boring, quite the contrary.

The new campaign for DENIM Zonnepanelen is a refreshing opposite to the often too attention-grabbing and jarring marketing of equally 'exciting' products, being self-aware of their position and taking themselves not too seriously.

Anne background Anne background
DENIM - Saaie zonnepanelen met Anne
Pedro background Pedro background
DENIM - Saaie zonnepanelen met Pedro