Holland & Barrett

Holland & Barrett
Nick Harmsen
Niels Visser & Daan Dagevos
Rosa Staal & Anna Bosscher
Director of Photography
Stephan Polman
What We Did
Music Production, Voice Over & Sound Design

Starting 2023 with a fresh sound, Holland & Barrett was looking for a new continuous music strategy that will guide H&B through the upcoming years. Launching their new campaign "Live With The Power Of Nature" needed a sound that amplifies nature as a force but also as caring and giving.

To appropriately transform nature's power into music, we decided to create an embracing score that elegantly represents the connectedness between nature and Holland & Barrett. It emphasises the joy of imperfection, letting go and setting your trust in nature. Varying across multiple pieces of content, the music is strongly related and recognisably signs off every upcoming asset.

Raindance Raindance
Holland & Barrett - Rain Dance