Safi Graauw
Michelle van Huisstede
What we did
Music, Sounds Design, VO, Mix

The brief

The Dutch NGO Justdiggit is on the forefront to battling global warming with a simple, yet genius approach: re-greening Africa by simply digging bunds into the dried out ground that collect water and restart vegetation. Including and educating local communities, this Justdiggit forms a grassroots movement that enables residents to take action on an individual level without relying on complicated bureaucracy or large infrastructure. Merely a shovel, seeds and the weather forecast. With a green spade as their logo, Justdiggit still lacked an audio identity, that made them globally recognisable and transported their core values into the world.

The approach

Africa is home to the youngest average population on the globe. To not stereotype African societies, we created a sound that builds bridges between Western contributors and Africa's youth, while still relating to Africa's cultural identities. The result is an exalting cinematic piece that manifests the spirit of the achievable of their mission. Emphasising the inclusion of local communities, the human element is embodied by real human backing voices and underscores their approachability.